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Daniel Smith

Watercolor Essentials Set

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Our Essentials Set contains 3 cool primary colors and 3 warm primary colors.

With just these 6 colors, you can mix a huge range of other colors including the secondary oranges, greens and violets.

With the wide range of colors from mixing these 6 essential colors in different combinations, you can paint landscapes, still life's, portraits...whatever you choose!

What are "cool" and "Warm" colors?

Colors are either "cool" or "warm" when compared to another color in the same family.

For example, Hansa Yellow Light looks slightly more green (cool) next to New Gamboge, which looks more orange/red (warm).

Set contains:
Hansa Yellow Light (cool)
New Gamboge (warm)
Quinacridone Rose (cool)
Pyrrol Scarlet (warm)
Phthalo Blue (GS) (cool)
French Ultramarine Blue (warm)