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Herb Lester Associates

Bob Dylan’s New York Revisited

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On a cold night in January 1961, Bob Dylan arrived in New York. Within hours, he made his first New York performance at the Greenwich Village coffeehouse Cafe Wha? This guide charts Dylan’s journey through the city from that first day through the 1960s, as he transitioned from unscrubbed folkie to world-conquering rocker, before a July 1966 motorcycle crash forced him into exile upstate. This annotated map includes more than 40 entries, including the locations of friends’ apartments where he’d crash for a few nights, the many small clubs and bars at which he strummed and sang for change, the scenes of first successes and later controversies, locations of LP cover shoots, and much more. Born and raised in Minnesota as Robert Zimmerman, it was only in New York that he completed his transformation into Bob Dylan, during the frenetic period this guide documents.